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Should First Aid be part of Driving Test?

Updated: May 16, 2023

In a recent submission to Staysafe Committee revue into road safety, St John Ambulance says yes.

With over 1000 fatalities annually Australia’s road toll has been reduced dramatically since the peak of 3,798 in 1970 due to several contributing factors.

Compulsory seat belt legislation becoming law in Victoria in 1970, random breath testing introduced into Victoria in 1976 as well as safer cars and better roads have all playing a part.

While the current number of 1,000 may seem like not much of a problem, it is if it directly or indirectly affects you.

The most common cause of death is anoxia, not receiving oxygen due to a compromised airway.

Quite simply, the act of positioning the victim prior to the arrival of professional help will save lives.

Some countries, Germany for example, which has some of the finest roads on the planet requires all drivers to have essential first aid skills.

A prerequisite for holders of international licenses who want to obtain a German one is a First Aid course.

Clearly these skills, while focussed on road trauma, can be used in any emergency, man made or natural.

According to St John Ambulance Northern Territory between 5 – 15% of road crash victims can survive with the application of immediate first aid.

The call to introduce basic First Aid skills to a learner drivers skill set has a lot of merit.

They are currently required to undergo 120 hours of training prior to siting the driver license test.

A five hour Emergency Care course would not be much of an impost. ��

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